Why chocolate???

Good two in a row writing on the blog.....who knew??? SO many of you might be asking....why chocolate??? I mean why not?? Everyone seems to love chocolate for on reason or another!! Honestly for me it's a passion that started back when I was a little girl...I used to make chocolate with my great aunt..I have love it ever since!! I believe I am honestly blessed to be able to work with my passion every single day!!!

For five years now this business has allowed me to stay home and be a mommy will still bringing in an income!!! I have always told myself the day I wake up and don't like this business anymore I will go back to nursing school and back to my second passion of taking care of ppl...but for now you will find me here melting away!!

That's it for today...I have Christmas cookies to bake and a few orders to fill!!! Stick around for new Valentine's Day items coming soon!!!


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